A Media Company For Modern Shamanism

We believe in the furthering of our consciousness; to understand the interaction between spirit and matter, through a deep combination of shamanic & scientific methods to unveil Nature’s way and human’s role within the cosmos, bringing optimization of form and conscious evolution.


We believe that through understanding Life’s energy systems and our own human interaction via genetics, consciousness, and energetics, we can bring harmony, joy, abundance, and love as the main human commodity in harmony with cosmic nature.


We are explorers of consciousness, subconsciousness, and super-consciousness…exploring the connection with Nature, the Cosmos, Animals, Plants, and other species and human communication, interaction, technology and influence.


We open ourselves to the flow of life allowing our unique human vehicle to release and act in harmony of form and become a fountain of success, joy, peace, and love…in an abundant ecosystem … thriving, evolving, changing and doing so with grace.



Welcome to Living Shamanism: a trans-media company exploring, documenting and making available the secret wisdoms from the oldest spiritual path on earth - shamanism -

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